How We TrainNo Other U.S Training Provider Delivers Training Like We Do In This Industry

Example, No Death by PowerPoint – 90% of U.S training or even meetings are dominated by a reliance on slides. How many people have been through an excruciating slide show and long speech? This is what many trainers do.

We train based on Accelerated Learning which is learning by doing, 100% student-centered learning, highly interactive, highly engaging – 80% of competitors advertise as instructor-led which is the very thing you should NOT want!

Course Design

Our Training Course Design Offers a Deeper Business Focus That Offers More Value As We Are Offering Participants Knowledge And/Or Skills Beyond What Standard Courses Offer To Enable Them To Build Capability And Individuals Who Want To Lead And Grow Over Time

Our Instructors are not just Subject Matter Experts

They are current consultants, current practicing auditors & excellent facilitators of learning (altogether!) – believe it or not, in the U.S, this is a unique blend to have all this covered. Most trainers are part time consultants and do little to no auditing, or are retired business leaders not currently consulting and auditing, additionally, the vast majority are not skilled facilitators of learning in advanced teaching techniques!

Trust me!

What Our Learners Are Saying

When was the last time you enjoyed learning? The only thing our students enjoyed more than the team exercises was our leadtutors. We’ve learned early on that when our experts enjoy what they are doing, the students do as well. Try us out and you’ll see the Kelmac difference.

Of Students Recommend
Kelmac Group®.


    "This was a well-delivered course in an intimate setting led by a true expert in the field. I valued the diverse experiences and perspectives shared by the instructor and also the participants. I also appreciated the delivery of the course (e.g., no powerpoint-based lectures) and especially the willingness and ability of the instructor to entertain comments and discussions throughout the course and relate topics to real-world scenarios. "

    - Travis Chapin (20th May 2016)

    "Take time to get familiar with the standard. Shadow a certified Lead Auditor or Auditor on a few internal audits and/or a 2nd or 3rd party audit. This experience may help you grasp the content a bit faster. "

    - Nicole Williams (13rd May 2016)

    "i have had the oppurtunity to take Gerard's class twice. He has the magical touch to use any scenario presented and bring it back to the ISO Standard. He keeps you on your toes and does a great job working with each individual. Would always consider Gerard as a teacher. "

    - Clifford Fung (27th January 2016)

    "Overall the course was excellent and the instructor is well versed in the subject matter. "

    - Brandy James (25th January 2016)

    "Gerrard presneted the materisl in an informal session that allowed for plenty of interaction until all material was understood. Alot of previous experiences described help to make the material easy to understand. "

    - Dennis Cline (18th January 2016)

Others Train Followers. We train leaders.™

At Kelmac Group®, we have proven, real world experience in serving a broad range of industries which includes:

Trusted Expertise

The quality of our Instructors is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. Our people have real world practical experience and inspire confidence with Learners

Leading Edge

We offer the lowest and most sustainable system maintenance money can buy.

Effectiveness Delivered

We are one of the few to objectively focus on and measure individual competency before, during, and post-delivery. Many competitors make claims; we show results.

No Death by Power Point

Many training courses have a high focus on PowerPoint slides and information loading. We provide Learners with the tools to grow, learn and become Leaders.

Leading Accreditations

No other training provider in Ireland has more training accreditations across a broader scope than Kelmac Group. Fact!

Worldwide Experience

Having worked in over 35 countries, we have experience that matters. A wealth of knowledge to share that is invaluable during training for those looking to learn from the best.

History of Innovaton

We have a history of listening and a proven history of introducing many of the world’s first offerings on the market, including online & combined training courses.

Real Reviews

Unlike competitors who ‘cherry pick’ testimonials, we publish student reviews of our training from every course that we run. This gives you real and honest feedback about us.