ISO/TS 16949 Internal Auditor Training

Kelmac Group's ISO/TS 16949 Internal auditor course helps students understand and practice internal auditing for ISO/TS 16949. Delegates will gain the skills to create audit schedules, follow audit trails, and write nonconformance and audit reports.



Course Summary
Course type : Classroom
Course Duration : 24 hours
Certification : Kelmac Group (AUTOIA1)
Continuing Education : units


This course is available in the following delivery options.

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Kelmac Group offer all of our training classes on an on-site basis. There are many benefits to on-site training where compared to an open/public training class, we can customize the training to suit the client organization, building in important client documentation and examples plus facilitating live practical exercises (where held at a client facility and subject to advance planning).

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For on-site training we seek important information from every client to ensure that the learning solution provided achieves the learning objectives for the target group – in line with Kelmac Group’s distinct high standards of design & delivery, including:

1. The Target Audience

Who is attending the training? This is very important to understand the prior knowledge and experience of the learner (s) so we know what level of training is required.

2. Defined and Agreed Learning Objectives

Its vital that its clear and understood clearly what type of training is required and what the learners will be able or expected to achieve once the training is completed.

3. Expected Duration

In the design phase, its useful that the training design team & instructor is aware of a specific duration that the client has in mind for the training. This can be tricky as sometimes a client may have limitations or requirements for the training to be conducted in a certain timeframe or duration and this may impact the training delivery and depth of coverage to ensure the training fits in with the clients expectations and requirements as best as possible.

4. Preferred Location & Language of Delivery

Not to be ignored and a key piece of input is where the training will take place and language to determine availability and suitability of the instructor who would deliver the training.

5. Number of participants (Learners)

The number of learners is crucial as the most effective learning is interactive and exercise based (Learning By Doing) and the timings and duration of the training will be impacted by the number of learners. It may also be required to have additional trainers or split the training over multiple sessions to accommodate larger groups to ensure the training is effective.

At Kelmac Group® we ensure we capture all of the required information as detailed above to ensure we provide the most effective, value adding learning solution to the client. We pride ourselves on our reputation and our proven history since 1994 of leading the way for ensuring our courses are designed based on best practice in industry plus based on available schematics and internationally recognized standards for the highest quality in delivery.

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  Course Description

Kelmac Group's ISO/TS 16949:2009 Internal auditor course helps students understand and practice internal auditing for ISO/TS 16949.  Delegates will gain the skills to create audit schedules, follow audit trails, and write nonconformance and audit reports.  Experienced instructors lead students through case studies and audit simulations, and students gain a working knowledge of ISO 19011, "Guidelines for Quality and/or Environmental Management Systems Auditing."  The instructor-led lectures also help students understand the role of customer-specific requirements within the auditing process.

  Course Certification

Kelmac Group Certified Course

This course has been designed by leading experts to provide high quality training to professionals seeking to internally audit Quality Management Systems based on ISO/TS 16949:2009.

  Business Benefits

The knowledge and skill set to effectively internally audit your management system

  Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals interested in understanding the requirements of ISO/TS 16949
  • Individuals who will manage, conduct, or participate in internal audits
  • Individuals who will audit to the ISO/TS 16949:2009 specification

  Learning Objectives

  • Understand the specific requirements of ISO/TS 16949
  • Understand the three types of internal audits required by ISO/TS 16949 (system, process, and product auditing)
  • Understand the audit phases of planning, execution, and follow-up
  • Gain necessary skills to create audit schedules, follow audit trails, and write
  • Nonconformance and audit reports

  Course Pre-Requisites

Participants should have a working knowledge of quality management systems, ISO 9001 or QS-9000.

  Course Assessment

The delegate is assessed based on participation and performance throughout the duration of the course. This includes all exercises, role plays, case studies and all other activities during the course. Please note, full attendance is required during the training course.

  Training Methodology

Accelerated learning is the most advanced teaching and learning method available today. Itʼs a total system of enhancing and speeding up both the design and learning process. What makes accelerated learning so effective is that itʼs based on the way we naturally learn. It does this by actively involving the whole person, using physical activity, creativity, collaboration among learners, variety that appeals to all learning styles, contextual learning with real-world immersion, the creation of a positive physical, emotional, and social environment and other methods designed to get people deeply involved in their own learning.

  What's Included with Course Fee?

  • Comprehensive Course Manual
  • Expertise and Wisdom of Tutor (s)
  • Additional Handouts

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Accelerated Learning” (AL) is the most advanced teaching and learning method available today – it is a total system of speeding up and enhancing the design and learning process. What makes Accelerated Learning so effective is that itʼs based on the way we naturally learn. It actively involves the whole person, using physical activity; creativity; collaboration among learners; variety that appeals to all learning styles; contextual learning with real-world immersion; the creation of a positive physical, emotional, and social environment; and other methods designed to get people deeply involved in their own learning.

Experienced instructors guide students through the role of an Auditor in planning, conducting, reporting, and following up an audit (in accordance with ISO 19011:2011 and ISO/IEC 17021) by interpreting the requirements of ISO/FSSC 22000. Students gain necessary auditing skills through a balance of:

  • Pre-course assignments and tests;
  • Formal classroom tutorials;
  • Practical role playing assignments;
  • Group workshops and open forum discussions;
  • Continuous self-assessment during on-site delivery and post assessment; and
  • Written examination in FSMS

What's Included in the Course

  • FREE online access to relevant reference material via the Kelmac Group®
  • FREE online access to all primary and relevant standards from course registration until completion of the course program
  • FREE online study guide to assist in the completion of the pre-course assignment tests, on-site delegate assessment and post assessment, written examinations
  • FREE online assessments prior to commencing the on-site class via the Kelmac Group® Learning Management System
  • Comprehensive and publishing quality delegate manual that can be used as a reference manual by students following the on-site course


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