A Proud History of Excellence & InnovationServing Chicago & Nationwide since 2009

A Proud History of Excellence & Innovation

Kelmac Group®, an Irish-parent organization from Limerick, Ireland, established a Chicago-based subsidiary, Kelmac I Group, Inc in 2009. As the U.S business continued to grow, in September 2012, we opened a full-time office in downtown Chicago managed by our President.

We are a boutique ISO Consulting & Training Services Provider that places innovation & excellence at the heart of our services. In the Conformity & Compliance Industry, we have introduced many first-to-market products & pride ourselves in serving our clients beyond basic conformity to deliver real results, excellence and make performance a habit™

Our History

Originally founded in 1994 in Limerick, Ireland – in the last 24 years, we have gained a wealth of domestic and international experience with organization’s of all sizes, small and large and thus we bring all our practical and diverse experience to our clients worldwide. Very few providers in the world can come close to matching our experience & performance standards.

As a consulting practice, we have serviced small to large enterprises in Chicago, but also across the U.S, Ireland, UK & the Middle East.

As a training provider, Kelmac Group® is certified by CQI & IRCA as a Training Provider (since 1994) & hold a broad range of accreditations in the fields of ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001,  ISO 45001 & FSSC 22000. On an annual basis Kelmac Group® trains hundreds of Auditors on our certified auditor training courses, and to date we have delivered our training solutions to more than 46 different countries in multiple languages.

Gerard Kelly - Senior Consultant, Advisor & Instructor

Gerard Kelly - Senior Consultant, Advisor & Instructor

Gerard is the founder and CEO of Kelmac Group® (HQ) and one of the leading Management Systems Consultants in the world – he is also an expert facilitator of Learning, keynote business conference speaker, and seminar leader. Additionally, he is a senior executive advisor, consultant, author, and successful businessman.

"Gerard brings vast experience and knowledge in his role as an instructor, seminar leader, senior executive advisor & consultant to our consulting and training engagements"

Gerard started the company in 1996, and today in addition to many large-scale and small consulting projects across 46+ countries, he was the chief architect of the Kelmac Group’s® management system auditor course curriculum which is one of the largest accredited management system course curriculum in the world; covering the fields of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/FSSC 22000, OHSAS 18001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001 and more.

Today, Gerard’s time is spent between Europe, the Middle East, USA, and Ireland.

Tauseef Sarwar

Tauseef Sarwar

Digital Marketing Manager, Postgraduate Research in AI (Artificial Intelligence) with Software Design (AIT), MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics (TU), PGD Digital Marketing, (MI), 15+ years of experience in Business Development & Digital Marketing.

Paolo Vassalli

Paolo Vassalli

Senior Safety Engineer. Engineer specialized in Civil and Industrial Safety.