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Temetra achieve ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

March 09, 2014

Creating a Leader in Information Security Management Systems

Established Information Security Management System helps Temetra a leading provider of cloud based meter data management instill an effective information security framework in compliance with organization objectives and business requirements.


Temetra, a leading provider of cloud based meter data management for water, gas and energy requested that the Kelmac Group® help it with a full-blown review of its operation and the establishment, development, and implementation of an information security management system based uponISO/IEC 27001.  The meter data management organization was responding to the increased external and internal requirements of corporate governance, compliance, market expectation and company reputation.

The Kelmac Group® was asked to meet a number of objectives, including examining and refining the organization’s overall information security philosophy and strategy in the context of the organization’s professional values and reputational excellence. The Kelmac Group® was also asked to identify potential changes, implement best practice security controls, support business objectives of gaining customer confidence and reduce liability.



The Kelmac Group® assessed the meter data management organization’s current position versus existing and emerging security best practices based on internal assessment, benchmarking, and feedback from other sources, such as client, regulator and operational data. The internal assessment required a comprehensive gap analysis, a review of the organization’s management system strategy, organization and governance, processes and security controls, as well as the roles of culture and technology.

The team then synthesized the key gaps for the meter data management organization versus best practices and recommended initiatives and action plans to close those gaps.  These included changes to the organization’s strategy, roles, structures, processes, security controls, and additional investment requirements and monitoring mechanisms. There were also key cultural and behavioral barriers to overcome.


The Kelmac Group® established, designed and implemented with Temetra their Information Security Management System based upon ISO/IEC 27001. The Kelmac Group® helped the Temetra increase the status and perception of the Information Security Management System within the organization.  The organization successfully achieved ISO/IEC 27001 registration at the first time of asking in May 2013.  The following is a brief summary of the business benefits achieved to-date, namely:

  • complying with their national and regional corporate governance requirements as well as the data protection and privacy legislation
  • increased reliability and security of systems
  • introduced a common language for gaining customer and business partner confidence
  • cost effective and consistent information security
  • improved risk management and contingency planning

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