Online ISO 9001:2015 Fundamentals Training Course | CQI & IRCA Certified

Course Overview Who is this course for?

The focus of our CQI & IRCA Certified Online ISO 9001:2015 Fundamentals Training Course is to comprehensively introduce Learners to Quality Management Systems and provide them with a highly insightful introduction to the purpose, intent and requirements of ISO 9001:2015 plus the business case for adopting ISO 9001. It can be completed anytime, anywhere – fully online or on the go!

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Key Learning Outcome Why this course is unique?

This training course is a first-of-its-kind, introducing a highly interactive and yet fully online training course for those looking to gain a comprehensive & practical understanding of the full requirements of  ISO 9001:2015.

Did you know that Kelmac Group in April 2018 just became the first and only CQI & IRCA Certified provider of a fully online ISO 9001:2015 Foundation Course!

Course Basics What is essential to know?

  • This is a fully online training course
  • This course is certified by CQI & IRCA – the only training provider in the world with a fully certified ISO 9001:2015 Training Course
  • This course covers EACH clause of ISO 9001:2015
  • It is the most comprehensive course available including 12 Learning Hours
  • Complete anytime, anywhere
  • Ideal for those looking to get started & understand the requirements of Quality Management Systems and ISO 9001:2015
  • FREE Demo Available! Try our course for free!

Learner Profile Who should attend?

  • Any individual requiring a working knowledge and understanding of the ISO 9000 series of standards
  • Quality professionals/consultants
  • Presidents/Vice Presidents/CEOs
  • ISO Coordinators/management representatives
  • Engineers
  • Supervisors

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Course Learning Topics What does the course cover?
  • Module 1 – Course Introduction

    • Course Description & Objectives
    • Course Content Overview
    • Explaining the Module Structure
    • Explaining the Assessment Methodology
    • Certification

    Module 2 – Introduction to QMS

    • Purposes of a QMS
    • Benefits of a QMS
    • ISO 9000 Family of Standards
    • Scope of ISO 9001
    • Structure of ISO 9001
    • Terms & Definitions
    • Transition Challenges

    Module 3 – Key Concepts of ISO 9001:2015

    • Alignment with Strategic Direction
    • Risk-Based Thinking
    • Process Approach
    • Documented Information
    • Improvement, Innovation & Competitiveness

    Module 4 – Principles of Quality Management

    • Quality Management Principles
    • Customer Focus
    • Leadership
    • People Engagement
    • Process Approach
    • Improvement
    • Evidence-Based Decision Making
    • Relationship Management
  • Module 5 – Context of the Organization

    • Context of the Organization
    • Interested Parties Requirements
    • Scope of the QMS
    • QMS and its Processes

    Module 6 – Leadership & Planning

    • Leadership and Commitment
    • Quality Policy

    Module 7 – Support

    • Resources
    • Competence
    • Awareness
    • Communication
    • Documented Information

    Module 8 – Operations

    • Clauses 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 & 8.4
    • Clause 8.5
    • Clauses 8.6 & 8.7
  • Module 9 – Performance and Improvement

    • Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis & Evaluation
    • Internal Audit Requirements
    • Management Review Requirements
    • Improvement Requirements

    Module 10 – Final Assessment

    • Comprehensive 50 MCQ Test

Course Certification - CQI & IRCA This course is fully certified by CQI & IRCA. Course ID: 1912.

noteHow Will I Be Assessed?

The Learner is assessed based on the following:

1. Continuous Assessment – each Learner will be graded via a short assessment at the end of Modules 2 – 9. These tests are mandatory and will be worth 20% of the final grade.

2. Final Assessment – once the Learner has completed Modules 1 – 9, they will be eligible to complete Module 10. This is a 50 Multiple-Choice-Question (MCQ) Test. The final assessment is worth 80% of the final grade.

In order to successfully complete the course, the Learner must achieve a minimum score of 70% in the final grade.

There are three certification levels with this course:

PASS – 70-79%

MERIT – 80-89%


research-study2Who Should Attend?
  • Any individual requiring a working knowledge and understanding of the ISO 9000 series of standards
  • Quality professionals/consultants
  • Presidents/Vice Presidents/CEOs
  • ISO Coordinators/management representatives
  • Engineers
  • Supervisors
Our Course vs. Our Competitors Why is our course the best?

Learning Anytime, Anywhere

Compared to traditional classroom training, online training offers each Learner the flexibility they crave. It no longer requires you to travel, leave home or work to attend training. You decide your own schedule and complete at your own pace. The training is available to work with your computer, mobile or tablet (internet required).

Highly Interactive & Practical

In deciding to develop and invest in eLearning, we wanted to make sure our training was as interactive as possible within an online environment – plus ensuring our online modules contained a practical element to the study, as well as application. We have built our reputation on highly interactive, accelerated learning in the classroom and we wanted to try and bring as much of that as possible to the online environment. Our training is the most interactive online ISO 9001:2015 Course available! Others train followers, we train leaders™

Variety in Learning

In this course, with 12 learning hours, we wanted to ensure we offered a variety in methods to appeal to different learning styles. We have a mixture of interactive content, additional reading materials, interactive in-module assessments & scenarios and a comprehensive final assessment.

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