A business operating system with governance and compliance inbuilt for your organization

The Kelmac Group’s® One System Model™ solves today’s most universal business and organizational challenges.

Business & Compliance Insights and Data

It provides business and compliance insights and data to deliver sustainable business and organization performance.

The One System Model ® means you can easily access business or organization insights and data to enable you make decisions to improve business and organizational performance.

Streamlined Business Processes & Strategic Alignment

It aligns strategic planning, business processes and products and services to deliver superior customer value

Establishing and managing a business framework aligning business strategy, business processes and products to achieve the promised results agreed the four stakeholder groups, business; customer; people and Society.

Transformed Culture & Human Capital

It transforms the organization/business culture and people management systems to deliver an organization-wide commitment to quality, governance/compliance and an organization/ business culture of trust and integrity.

It uniquely transforms organization/business culture and people management systems to create an organization/business culture of trust, integrity where leaders and people act with accountability.

Tangible Business Results Delivered

It delivers tangible organization/business results, e.g. financial, customer, people, stakeholder, and governance/compliance. It also delivers intangible results.

The Kelmac Group’s® One System Model™ provides a framework for understanding which levers we need to pull in order to achieve the results of the four stakeholder groups, business; customer; people and Society.

Organizational Agility

It provides a transformation model that enables the organization/business to deliver and manage change with agility.

Excellent organizations are widely recognized for their ability to identify and respond effectively and efficiently to opportunities and risks.

What is the next step?

The Research Study. The client needs to work alongside our team to quantify ‘what’s in it for us’.

It is an initial investment to enable both parties to develop a roadmap to transform the performance [tangible and intangible] of the client organization/business.

Why the Research Study?

  • Establish and verify the client baseline performance from the perspective of the four stakeholder groups

  • Identify the client’s ultimate objectives and roadmap, i.e. client projects, target/expected deliverables and timescales

  • Outline the initial client projects’ deliverables, milestones, phases, tasks

  • Identify the client resources and time and effort required [associated with the initial client engagement projects]

  • Identify the client project costs including ROI [associated with the initial client engagement projects

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