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We consider ‘ISO’ to be one of the tools we can use to achieve much, much more for the company in business process improvements, savings and overall benefits.


What Makes Our Training Stand Out

Industry Leaders in Learning

Our mission is to provide a combination of industry standard and leading-edge learning solutions. Most of our training and development services are designed and developed in-house. It is our policy to seek international accreditation, where it adds value to individuals and organizations. It should come as no surprise that we offer one of the widest choice of accredited training courses from the oldest Training Approval Organization in the world - CQI & IRCA.

Specialization and Expertise

Our specialist focus on business focused management systems, business excellence models and tools and techniques, backed by an on-going research programme; the wide private and public sector practical experience of our Consultants, and our renowned continual professional development programme, gives our people a unique perspective on the changing roles and demands faced by key staff and employees in organizations today. Our Consultants have fulfilled similar roles to our audience during their careers and can therefore relate directly to the issues and challenges they face.

This level of understanding guarantees the most accurately focused and specifically tailored learning solutions of their kind and reflects the importance organizations now place on the development of key staff and employees.

Individual Needs

Our small group sizes help facilitate the exchange of ideas and builds confidence. This gives Learners the opportunity to discuss their specific requirements and receive personal guidance from the Instructor/Consultant. This approach ensures that individual training need is met in full.

Flexible Delivery

While we have limited public training events, all of our learning solutions are available for onsite delivery. Where onsite training is your preferred option, this gives greater opportunity to custom or tailor make the learning material and presentation style. Please ask us for further details, if this is of interest to you.

Outstanding Service Excellence

Kelmac Group takes extra care to ensure we fully understand your training and development requirements before we propose a solution for you. We do not sell products, which may not meet your requirements. We provide practical learning solutions, which work for you.

Innovation and Flexibility

Kelmac Group learning solutions are available online, publicly and in-house or a combination of blended learning options and we offer accredited and non-accredited learning solutions. Kelmac Group’s learning solutions are designed to best suit our clients’ needs and we lead by example.

Competitive Pricing, Value for Money & Added Value

Kelmac Group believes in providing leading-edge learning solutions at down-to-earth prices. Most of Kelmac Group learning solutions are accredited with leading accreditation bodies such as CQI & IRCA. This places Kelmac Group learning services in a unique position.

  • 24+Years of Experience
  • 46+Countries Served
  • 10k+Happy Customers


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